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Adjustable chassis Dolly’s

Adjustable chassis Dolly’s

PriceFrom $809.99

Hitch harness is now happy to offer chassis dollys to help ease moving chassis around the shop,wash, and general maintenance and allows user to work on car with all 4 tires off the ground. These carts are built Heavy duty with 4 swivel casters on the front and back that support 1,000lbs each. The dollys are adjustable in 1.5" increments for height and adjustable in width in 3" intervals. Dollys are only offered in Black and Unpainted.


wheels are 5"x2" 

rear max height 33.75" 

rear lowest height 24.5"

front dolly is adjusable width only.


Price includes shipping anywhere in US.

  • Dollys

    Dollys are to be used with all locking pins in place at all times, be sure to use on a flat level surface, never be under the item on the dollys at anytime do not lay under chassis when dollys are in use or being moved around. 

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